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Services & Pricing

We offer several basic accounting services as well as financial budgeting and forecasting options for your planning needs. Take a look and contact us to discuss your options!

How Can We Help You?


Bookkeeping Services

Do you hate figuring out where all those receipts go? We can work on updating your monthly transactions, reconciling your bank accounts, and recording all of your income and expenses in your accounting software.

If you have some accounts that need a little tidying up, let's talk about that!

Financial Statements

Do you want to know how your business is doing, financially? We can prepare financial statements to include a balance sheet, statement of cash flows, and income statement. Monthly or quarterly, you choose! We will meet regularly to review them so you know what's going on.

We are also happy to work with your CPA or tax professional to make sure that everything is in order for your tax preparation.

Payment Processing

Do you really have time to sit and pay bills all day? We can prepare your bills for payment. All you have to do is approve the payment or sign the check and mail to your vendors! We can also set you up for online bill payments, as your bank or vendors allow.

We also partner with several Payroll services to process your payroll and assist with HR needs.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Planning to make some changes to your business but don't know where you start financially? Do you want to see where your cash balance might be headed in the next 12 months? Based on your existing data, we can put together a budget to help plan for future business needs. If cash flow is a concern, we can look at where that money has been going and what we can plan for in the future.

QuickBooks Setup & Training

Thinking of switching to a new bookkeeping solution? We are certified in QuickBooks Online, one of the most popular accounting software packages available. All of your data is kept online and you can access it from anywhere. In addition to QuickBooks, there are several other program options available, depending on your needs. We can get you set up and on your way!

New Business Package

Are you a new business and not sure if you can afford a dedicated bookkeeping service? We've got a package for you that can get you setup with a solution and offer advisory services until you're ready for the next step.



Every business is different, so let's talk about different pricing options. Contact me for a consultation so we can talk details.

Monthly Plans

Start from $290

Depending on the services you need, this plan pays for the same services provided each month including unlimited contact with us to answer your questions.

Consulting Projects

Start from $125/hour

If you have some questions we can assist with, this plan will bill based on how much time is required for what needs to be done.


Start from $300

If all you want is some help setting up your bookkeeping program and training, you got it!

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