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About Me

Skilled Professional with Over
Years Experience


Over 20 years ago, I earned my Accounting degree with the idea that I would be a CPA working for small businesses. But, as life happens, my career took a different turn and I ended up spending the next 2 decades working in corporate finance. I was employed by some of the largest employers in my state, the exact opposite of what I had set out to do as a young graduate.

Now, I am back to my original intention of helping small businesses thrive in this world driven by big business. I have always wanted to help people in ways that they understand, that mean something to them. My time in the corporate world has allowed me to develop my skills of explaining complex ideas in simple terms, and interpreting data and financial information to see trends that will guide the future.


If you allow me to help you and your business, you can count on my organizational and time management skills to keep your finances in order and On Time. I will work with you to help you understand how much money you are making, where you are spending, and what you have available to use to build your business dreams. I am happy to work with your existing accountant or tax preparer to assist with year-end activities and keep them updated during the year.


A little more about me: in my spare time I like to read, watch old sitcoms, travel around the world, or go on a long bike ride for some fresh air. My cat-bosses, Nemo and Callie, are always watching to make sure that I get things done On Time.

Let’s Start Working Together!

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